Myra Christopher

Kathleen M. Foley Chair in Pain and Palliative Care at the Center for Practical Bioethics, Kansas City, Missouri

There are dozens of books on caregiving, but Without Regrets is unlike any other. As an intensive care nurse, teacher, and ethicist, Helen Emmott is uniquely qualified to write this book. Moreover, she and her husband David are deeply caring people who also happen to be wickedly funny. I was not only privileged to work with Helen for more than two decades, I have also been the personal beneficiary of her caring, compassion, and intelligence. When my family needed help about these matters, we turned to the Emmotts. They were always there for us, and now they are here to help you and your family. Without Regrets is not only a tribute to the Emmotts’ mothers, Mable and Isabel; it also honors Mary Frances, Big John Hoyt, numerous other parents, and those of us who did the best we could to care for them. The book is terrific: personal, intimate, informed and informative, easy to read and engaging. It will make the journey easier for those facing similar situations.